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She Votes Fellowship

At She Votes, we understand that working for free is nearly impossible for most young women. Unfortunately, most government-related internships that are often crucial to forming a career in politics (think interns on Capitol Hill) are unpaid. That's why we created the She Votes Fellowship! Our She Votes Fellows are selected through a competitive application process and are given a stipend in order to make it possible to take an unpaid internship position.



Who is eligible for the She Votes fellowship?


Any young woman student that wishes to complete an unpaid government-related internship that can demonstrate financial need. Applicants that have recently graduated within the last 6 months will also be considered.




What will the application consist of?


The application will consist of a few short essays, one letter of recommendation, and proof that the applicant's internship is unpaid.



How much is the stipend?


The exact amount of the stipend will depend on factors concerning donors, but will be no less than $1000.



How do I select an internship?


We suggest you reach out to your member(s) of Congress to inquire about an internship either in DC or at a home office in your state. However, we will also consider applicants that have government-related internships that are not in an elected official's office. 

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